Thanksgiving is here. A day that is entwined in family traditions, gratitude, and an assembly line of food preparation that culminates in a meal with loved ones and with any luck, a nice afternoon nap.

Travel is a bigger headache than ever. Even with boosted immunity, it feels too risky to go beyond the city limits, or spend the day with people I don’t know well. I’m very fortunate this year to have 2 loved ones with whom to share this day, and I live in a beautiful, uncrowded place that allows me to spend a large part of my holiday enjoying the outdoors.

I haven’t kept great notes on my health this month, but I want to put some extra intention toward it today. Overall I’m doing well, but have noticed a persistent fatigue, especially during uphill hikes. I’ve cut down my meat consumption by about 75% since summer ended, and my iron levels have dropped. So I’m making extra efforts to bring up all of my vitamin levels to see if I can get back my energy and stamina.

In addition to the usual Thanksgiving suspects in my fridge, I’ve got plenty of spinach, Brussels sprouts, and citrus, and a pantry full of chick peas, black beans and lentils. And for extra boost, I picked up a daily multivitamin that contains iron, along with my other dr recommended supplements to protect against migraines, butterbur and magnesium citrate. It’s a much more proactive approach than I’m used to, but the intent is to make me more likely to exercise, to treat my biggest problem, my predisposition for anxiety.


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