Intentions for Monday 7/11/22

Today I’m beginning a new health journey-and saying it like that makes me feel so pretentious, but I want to take a minute to instill in myself why I need this, and why I deserve this.

I saw myself on a video I made over the weekend. I stepped into the frame to show how I expose a canvas to the sun, and stepped out again. My body looks so much older and saggier at age 48 than it did only a couple of years ago. I accept that aging isn’t something I can control. But if there is a way to control the pounds that have crept up in spite of regular exercise, I’m willing to try.

According to Dr Gottfried’s Hormone Reset Diet book, I can control weight gain and nutrition deficiencies by eating according to her plan, and choosing interval and strength training over long grueling runs (my old go-to for losing weight, which now causes me joint pain, dehydration issues, and a few other embarrassing problems).

So, without being all “Day One of my New Program,” here goes nothing. Reduce/eliminate caffeine, sugar, dairy, grains, meat; choose colorful vegetables, eggs, and fish instead; incorporate short bursts of activity with adequate rest between. Focus on cortisol management by paying attention to stress levels. Do mindful breathing exercises to fight against food cravings and addictive behaviors. Sleep 8 hours. Be consistent.


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