Intentions for Tuesday 7/12/22

Reflecting on yesterday’s eating patterns and mindfully planning my meals for today:

Yesterday went well, with one exception. I used processed dressing and tomato sauce which considerably raised my sugar consumption compared to if I had made both from scratch. So today I’ll try to do better.

I gathered a gallon or so of fresh Mesclun lettuce from the garden. Putting in the fridge for a nutrient dense lunch and dinner. Need to pick up some zucchini, asparagus, broccoli for added fiber.

Used the leftover lettuce from last week’s forage to make juice in the Breville (combined with apple, pineapple and carrot).

Took some time to weigh my opinion on caffeine. I woke up with a dull headache and reached for coffee as a remedy. I know it’s an addiction and will treat it as one, but will also be kind to myself and not cut it out cold turkey.

The summer heat returns today. I’ll do some dumbbell exercises and an interval session around dinner time-a few sprints with walking recovery in between.


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