Day 8

I’ve been doing this hormone reset diet all wrong. But who cares. The book is in audio form so I wasn’t able to skip ahead to see the full outlook for the meal plan…I guess I was supposed to cut out meat, then sugar and alcohol and so on. It seems like a good one to try after the holidays when there are fewer reasons to have a cocktail with friends-which I actually had the chance to do this past weekend, and of course I didn’t pass up the chance to sip sparkling wine on a warm afternoon with friends. So yeah, I blew it with this thing.

But-I have been incorporating a lot more fiber into my meals. I’ve had tons of energy…and several times I felt incredibly strong cravings for sugar and managed to breathe through it, or at worst, have a piece of fruit to soothe my desire for sugar. For the most part I’m maintaining a small calorie deficit, thanks to some extra exercise, and I’m consuming about 1/2 as much sugar since I’m paying more attention to labels, and skipping dried fruit, sweeteners and ice cream. Those are all improvements I can see immediately. Who knows if any excess weight will come off. I know I’m working toward a healthier inside, and hopefully that will show on the outside too.


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