Royal Arch 2/16/23

Clear blue sky at Chautauqua today.
One of my favorite memories in Boulder was seeing a mother bear and cubs near this spot around 2018.
Scrambled on all fours through ice-creamy snow drifts around Sentinel Pass, and couldn’t wait to get into that sunbeam at the end of the trail to dry myself out.
Watching drips fall from the center of the arch.
Spotted my condo.
Encouraging words from a fellow hiker…I told her I was nervous about heading down through the slippery snow, and she told me it was sort of like “floating” and just to go easy on my ankles. I needed that, and repeated the word “unscathed” as I descended ever so gently down the sloping rock steps, gliding as if on skis instead of hiking boots. One of the most magical days I’ve spent in these woods.

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