Day 8

I’ve been doing this hormone reset diet all wrong. But who cares. The book is in audio form so I wasn’t able to skip ahead to see the full outlook for the meal plan…I guess I was supposed to cut out meat, then sugar and alcohol and so on. It seems like a good oneContinue reading “Day 8”


Intentions for Wednesday 7/13/22

Yesterday I allowed myself some chicken-apple sausage with a plate of steamed broccoli and asparagus. I did some intellectual gymnastics to convince myself that eating a healthy serving of fiber with my processed meat would make it less of an offense. I kept my sugar intake under 35g which felt like an improvement over theContinue reading “Intentions for Wednesday 7/13/22”

Intentions for Tuesday 7/12/22

Reflecting on yesterday’s eating patterns and mindfully planning my meals for today: Yesterday went well, with one exception. I used processed dressing and tomato sauce which considerably raised my sugar consumption compared to if I had made both from scratch. So today I’ll try to do better. I gathered a gallon or so of freshContinue reading “Intentions for Tuesday 7/12/22”