Realizing dreams

About 3 weeks ago I wrote on my personal blog about some events that were simmering. I’ll summarize it this way: I’m simply in awe of how fast the world can change when you let it. I’m learning to say no. Which ironically, frees me up to say yes to the things I really want in … More Realizing dreams

Goodnight, Bicycle.

As I sipped a long-pour of vodka and soda, I listed some things on my neighborhood’s Facebook garage sale site. I didn’t expect it to get so much attention! I woke up to a dozen messages, people wanting appliances, tables, shelves, bikes. One by one I scheduled pick ups, and now I’m about $150 richer … More Goodnight, Bicycle.

Past lives

This week I celebrated the reunion of my old company, Leap Partnership. It had been fifteen years since I’d seen most of  them in person. I only set aside an hour, but I managed to sneak in some great conversations. These people, especially the women, were so influential to me at a critical time in my … More Past lives

Leap Year

Two years ago, I had the fortune of being introduced to Phil, an aspiring life coach. A mutual friend of ours arranged for us to meet so we could talk about reevaluating my career choices. He came to me armed with tools like Venn diagrams, reading recommendations, and diagnostic tests to measure my professional strengths and weaknesses. In time, … More Leap Year