Reflections: 2 months, 2 homes and 3 states later.

On June 14 of this year, I hit the road with my daughter and our cats and a 5’x8′ trailer full of our stuff. No lease in hand, no job, just an email confirmation and a temporary address in Boulder, Colorado. Our journey wasn’t without its share of excitement. When I arrived I had only aContinue reading “Reflections: 2 months, 2 homes and 3 states later.”

Bringing Pop back to life

This is Pop, otherwise known as Jesse Jones, my great-grandfather. He came to me through my aunt, who rescued him from a termite-damaged frame in the back of my grandmother’s closet in Norco, LA. There had been collateral damage which resulted from a difficult removal from the frame. So I stabilized the cracks, filled and inpainted, and refitted the photoContinue reading “Bringing Pop back to life”