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  • Focus on what’s good
    From today until June 30, I’m making an effort to eat unprocessed plant-based foods. I’ll make some exceptions in the first week or two, and maybe still incorporate some fish and eggs. But I’m really looking forward to seeing how my body reacts. Rather than dwell on the foods I’m cutting out, here are the foods I’ll be enjoying: avocado, tomato, pepper, cucumber, carrot, leafy greens, celery, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, sweet potato, apple, berries, mushrooms, garbanzos, peanut butter, grape nuts, rice wrappers, almond milk, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, unsweetened black coffee or tea, and superContinue reading “Focus on what’s good”
  • 30-Day Plant-based Eating Challenge
    Today is May 25, 36 days away from my 46th birthday. To say the least, it’s been a hard year so far. We are collectively suffering in one way or another from the stress of having our autonomy limited by the pandemic. This week I tested my courage by heading back to my small office where apparently no quarantine rules apply. I’m pleased to report that no outbreaks have resulted from our low key breach of the county’s mask ordinance. In all likelihood, we were all exposed early on when at least one office mate hadContinue reading “30-Day Plant-based Eating Challenge”
  • Thriving in lockdown
    I admit it, there were some tense moments during the past 9 weeks and every day is imprinted with a dull anxiety of wondering what I could be doing better to prepare for an uncertain future. But today I woke up early, sat in the chilly morning air with my coffee, and went to work on a project I suddenly felt inspired to conquer, and I finally felt like myself again. My #artalonetogether2020 project was sputtering along these last few weeks. Some of the others who participated started to submit their work to the group InstagramContinue reading “Thriving in lockdown”
  • My 46th 4/26
    It’s early on a late April Sunday morning, and I’m gently awoken by the achingly familiar song of robins in the distant trees. No longer silenced by winter’s command to shelter in silence, their orchestrations slowly build; a song that could have begun hours ago hundreds of miles away in an eastern mountain forest, carried across vast plains and bluffs until arriving in time with the first glimmer of daybreak on the land, and penetrating the window I’ve left cracked open. I peek out from under the covers at the predawn shadows on the wall. AsContinue reading “My 46th 4/26”
  • Realizing dreams
    About 3 weeks ago I wrote on my personal blog about some events that were simmering. I’ll summarize it this way: I’m simply in awe of how fast the world can change when you let it. I’m learning to say no. Which ironically, frees me up to say yes to the things I really want in my life. And in between running around to do work and shopping, etc., I’m feeling extraordinarily grateful for the way my life is reshaping itself. This morning I was feeling off. The sun was disappearing into a dark gray fog, IContinue reading “Realizing dreams”
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