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  • Day 8
    I’ve been doing this hormone reset diet all wrong. But who cares. The book is in audio form so I wasn’t able to skip ahead to see the full outlook for the meal plan…I guess I was supposed to cut out meat, then sugar and alcohol and so on. It seems like a good one to try after the holidays when there are fewer reasons to have a cocktail with friends-which I actually had the chance to do this past weekend, and of course I didn’t pass up the chance to sip sparkling wine on aContinue reading “Day 8”
  • Intentions for Wednesday 7/13/22
    Yesterday I allowed myself some chicken-apple sausage with a plate of steamed broccoli and asparagus. I did some intellectual gymnastics to convince myself that eating a healthy serving of fiber with my processed meat would make it less of an offense. I kept my sugar intake under 35g which felt like an improvement over the previous day. Went to bed feeling tired and headachey, and assume it is because I’m switching up my emotional eating behaviors. I definitely sense the “loss” of my favorite crutch, food. Today I march forth in pursuit of better hormonal health.Continue reading “Intentions for Wednesday 7/13/22”
  • Intentions for Tuesday 7/12/22
    Reflecting on yesterday’s eating patterns and mindfully planning my meals for today: Yesterday went well, with one exception. I used processed dressing and tomato sauce which considerably raised my sugar consumption compared to if I had made both from scratch. So today I’ll try to do better. I gathered a gallon or so of fresh Mesclun lettuce from the garden. Putting in the fridge for a nutrient dense lunch and dinner. Need to pick up some zucchini, asparagus, broccoli for added fiber. Used the leftover lettuce from last week’s forage to make juice in the BrevilleContinue reading “Intentions for Tuesday 7/12/22”
  • Intentions for Monday 7/11/22
    Today I’m beginning a new health journey-and saying it like that makes me feel so pretentious, but I want to take a minute to instill in myself why I need this, and why I deserve this. I saw myself on a video I made over the weekend. I stepped into the frame to show how I expose a canvas to the sun, and stepped out again. My body looks so much older and saggier at age 48 than it did only a couple of years ago. I accept that aging isn’t something I can control. ButContinue reading “Intentions for Monday 7/11/22”
  • 11/25/21
    Thanksgiving is here. A day that is entwined in family traditions, gratitude, and an assembly line of food preparation that culminates in a meal with loved ones and with any luck, a nice afternoon nap. Travel is a bigger headache than ever. Even with boosted immunity, it feels too risky to go beyond the city limits, or spend the day with people I don’t know well. I’m very fortunate this year to have 2 loved ones with whom to share this day, and I live in a beautiful, uncrowded place that allows me to spend aContinue reading “11/25/21”
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